Stockholm Lighting Days 2012 /
Social Light Movement and
Guerilla Lighting / 4 October 2012 /
Tensta Konsthall - Sweden

Welcome to Stockholm Lighting Days 2012

For the fourth time Stockholm Lighting Days will be organized. This year at Tensta Konsthall in co-operation with the workshop Social Light Movement*. All seminars will be held in English.The conference will be the summary and final after four days intensive workshop lead by professionals, guiding the participants in both in theory and in practice. The conference seminar program aims to put focus on a live topic of growing awareness, to share experience and create debate. The conference target groups are everyone, student or professional, involved in lighting related issues, such as: Architects, Lighting planners, Investors, Facility owners, Contractors, Managers, Technical engineers, Lighting designers, Public authorities and Lighting students. Participation from Swedish and European expertise who share their views, experiences and expectations within the growing domain "Social Light". The conference day is rounded off with an interactive action from the Guerilla Light Group, outdoors, at site in Husby, and ends with a re-warming farewell party well back inside.

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Light Collective isn't your average consultancy. We are different. For a start, we don't write biographies. We have experience. Sixteen years each. We have education. A Phd and an MSc. We have diversity. Backgrounds in theatre and engineering. We teach, we promote, and we innovate. There are only two of us. This allows us to be fast and versatile, and creates opportunity for collaboration instead of competition. We have no office. This means we can work anywhere in the world. We concentrate on doing what we are good at. Our strengths lie on our creativity, our ability to connect people, our need to inspire and engage and to effect change. Light Collective is fuelled by our passion for light.

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Guerrilla lighting is the open source creation ephemeral and magical moments of quality lighting that demonstrate the power of light to transform spaces. Everything started in Manchester in early 2006. They wanted to start a movement against the poor lighting surrounding our cities. Objectives simple, fun and light, emphasize the importance of doing so. What are the long-assemblies what you wanted to spend on electricity. So I use rechargeable lanterns powerful, hit-and-run tactics of the war would take the darkness. Was not difficult to find the names of "Guerrilla Lighting" (Guerrilla Lighting). The first event, 30 people collecting circles of friends outputs. Pleasant last night was the best, then the results they expected. Both during and after the event met with great interest, and held in London at the beginning of the year 2007 "Switch on London" festival got invited. This festival is a landmark and "Guerrilla Lighting" and quickly come of age as well as other cities have proven record.


Registration fee will be SEK 1999:- and will include the conference, lunch, "fika", dinner, Guerrilla Light event and after-party. There will be a limited number of student tickets for SEK 625:-. (Prices 1599:- resp 500:- exkl moms). Registrationsite is now availablefrom our partner Meetagain.


  • 08:30-09:15 Registration & breakfast

  • 09:15-09:30 Intro

  • 09:30-10:00 Sharon Stammers & Martin Lupton

  • 10:00-10:30 Isabelle Corten

  • 10:30-10:45 Break

  • 10:45-11:30 Jöran Linder & Erik Olsson

  • 11:30-13:00 Lunch

  • 13:00-13:15 Elettra Bordonaro

  • 13:15-15:00 Social Light Workshop results

  • 15:00-15:30 Fika break

  • 15:30-16:15 Paneldebate / Questions

  • 16:15-17:00 Pernilla Glaser

  • 17:00-17:15 Intro Guerrilla Light

  • 17:15-18:15 Dinner

  • 18:15-20:45 Guerrilla Light Event

  • 20:45-00:00 Guerrilla Light Fest - with results from Guerrilla Light Event


Elettra Bordonaro

Eleltra Bordonaro

Born in 1976, she is architect.In 2006 she got a PhD at University of Architecture in Turin with a thesis about urban lighting and how light can influence city life. She worked as lighting designer for major lighting design studios such as Light Cibles in Paris, Speirs and Major in Edinburgh and London, Metis Lighting in Milan. She has been teaching at main universities and schools (Universities of Rome, Milan and Turin). She has been in charge of cultural and educational programs of Lighting Academy - Fondazione Targetti till 2010. Since 2010 she has been involved in the Social Light Movement with Olsson, Linder, Stammers, Lupton and Corten. Member of A.I.D.I., P.L.D.A. e L.U.C.I., and of Italian Architectural Association.

Isabelle Corten

Isabelle Corten

Light and the city are central to the preoccupations of Isabelle Corten. The professional experience of this lighting designer has been gained through successful projects in Belgium and abroad. Light cannot be confined within the overly restrictive constraints of a sometimes narcissistic exercise in style. Rather, it is an issue of social cohesion. Isabelle Corten does not, therefore, limit herself simply to designing the lighting or illumination for a site. She adds that extra something that is the hallmark of a resolutely political approach. No doubt, her training as a town planner leads her to constantly question the meaning of her approach. The town, a living space inhabited by men, women and children reflects its social framework. A street, a square, an avenue or a tree, all become another prism through which to comprehend the urban reality. It is therefore possible to develop different types of lighting to reflect a social order. Isabelle Corten has shown that this is so.


Olsson & Linder

Olsson & Linder

Olsson & Linder is a consulting company based in Jönköping, working with lighting design. Erik Olsson and Jöran Linder has for over twelve years successfully worked with creative lighting design in residential areas, parks, churches, traffic areas, workplaces, shops and private homes and gardens. Olsson & Linder has designed a number of fixtures for a variety of companies and is frequently hired as lecturers. For us lighting design above all is about creativity and to be responsive to people's possibilities and needs. Lighting design is about putting people first and to create aesthetically pleasing light environments characterized by love, security and safety.Jöran Linder and Erik Olsson are two lighting designers with extensive experience in outdoor lighting design.


Light Collective

Light Collective

Light Collective isn't your average consultancy. We are different. For a start, we don't write biographies. We have experience. Sixteen years each. We have education. A Phd and an MSc. We have diversity. Backgrounds in theatre and engineering. We teach, we promote, and we innovate. There are only two of us. This allows us to be fast and versatile, and creates opportunity for collaboration instead of competition. We have no office. This means we can work anywhere in the world. We concentrate on doing what we are good at. Our strengths lie on our creativity, our ability to connect people, our need to inspire and engage and to effect change. Light Collective is fuelled by our passion for light.

Check out what we do and how we do it:

Pernilla Glaser

Pernilla Glaser

Pernilla Glaser is a writer, teacher in creativity at the Royal Institute of Art and coordinator at the Stockholm Cultural House. She has worked in workshops for many years with teachers, children and others around issues of belonging and identity. Pernilla created the exhibition The Furry City at the Museum of Architecture 2012, initiated the paper STAD and curated and preformed the artwork Transition Odenplan 2011. She has just written a play for the Swedish Radio theatre about the Swedish military industry. Her latest novel, Under the boardwalk, came out in 2011.

What is Guerrilla Lighting?

For the first time in Sweden, be part of a guerilla light event

Guerrilla lighting is a war on bad lighting, guerrilla lighting is a protest against wasteful use of light but most of all, guerrilla lighting is about having fun and raising the awareness of the power of light Professionally designed architectural lighting enhances the nightscape of our cities and towns but requires the use of energy. In order to ensure that a correct balance is achieved between the benefits of good lighting and irresponsible use of energy more control is required. We believe that this control should include the control of architectural lighting of buildings. required. We believe that this control should include the control of architectural lighting of buildings.

  • not all buildings need or deserve to be lit – strategic lighting plans should exist for all cities
  • architectural lighting is not a competition – brighter is not better
  • poorly designed and installed lighting should be prevented – cities should establish and enforce a minimum standard of quality
  • all wasteful use of light should be prevent – leaving the lights on all night in large glazed offices should be a criminal offence

Guerrilla lighting creates ephemeral and magical moments of quality lighting that are recorded and sent to the media and politicians to instigate action against bad lighting

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Stockholm Lighting Days is an event only possible thanks to these sponsors:


Annell logo


Annell is manufacturing and distributing professional indoor and outdoor lighting. Annell is a premium brand in Swedish lighting since 1932. It stands for lighting qualities, design and technology.


Dahl Agenturer

Dahl logo

For 27 years now, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focusing on everyday objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture. Hence, we edit elements of domestic and urban furniture and lighting, plant elements (which are living matter) and books (which are likewise alive). A range that is only apparently disperse, converging upon a single concern: not to accumulate, but rather to select; not to enjoy quantity, but rather quality.

Represented in Sweden by Dahl Agenturer.

Fox Design

Fox logo

Fox Design product range comprises indoor as well as outdoor luminaires made in cooperation with architects. We combine contemporary design and lighting technology in order to make unique, yet functional lighting solutions. Our work is based on the principle of simplicity and we attempt to create luminaires that will fit in almost any environment.


Moramast AB

Moramast logo

Moramast AB was founded in 1973 and has been a part of the Saferoad Group since 2007. We are currently a leading manufacturer of lighting columns for the Swedish market and have built up expertise and experience on both manufacture and surface treatment through the years. We have a broad manufacturing program and numerous surface treatment methods to choose from in order to provide our customers with the best opportunity to select the product and surface treatment that suits them. Thanks to our modern coloring methods for zinc such as thermoplastic and powder coating, we can provide environmentally friendly coating methods without hazardous solvents. A high degree of service is a given in order to provide the quick response and assistance our customers expect from us.



Philips logo

Philips Professional Lighting

Philips Lighting is a leading provider of solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. We address lighting needs in a full range of environments – indoors (homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories, and hospitals) as well as outdoors (public places, residential areas and sports arenas). In addition, we deliver light-inspired experiences through architectural and city beautification projects. With the new lighting technologies, such as LED technology, and the increasing demand for energy efficient solutions, Philips will continue shaping the future with groundbreaking new lighting applications.



Schreder logo

Lighting solutions adapted to your local needs

The Schréder Group consists more than 45 companies in 36 countries throughout the world. These professionals pool their resources and skills to offer their clients equivalent standards of quality in all markets. The Group companies and affiliated companies share facilities and powerful tools for R&D, manufacturing, IT activities, international studies, safety testing, marketing and communication. Beside these 45 local Schréder companies, the Group has also developed a large network of local partners distributing the Schréder products. Today, with its local Schréder Group partner, every client, throughout the worlds can be sure of finding a local representative who can offer lighting products incorporating the latest technological and aesthetic innovations.


Stockholm Lighting

Stockholm lighting logo

Stockholm Lighting wants to be part of the development of new lighting solutions, creating well being and new experiences for people. We want to use new technology with less enviromental impact to create lighter, safer and more beautiful surroundings.

 We believe that your ideas together with our experience can create solutions that make a difference. Together we can make cars fly and airplanes swim - in the world of light anything is possible.


Ateljé Lyktan

Ateljé logo

Ateljé Lyktan is a long-established lighting company which develops, manufactures and markets luminaires for both outdoor and indoor use, deploying Swedish design for public environments and discriminating consumers. Our vision is to use innovative solutions and consummate design to become an attractive supplier to all our business partners and customers. We must also listen carefully to our customers’ wishes and market requirements regarding our products and services in order to meet these needs at an early point in the development process. We strive to employ the latest technology and energy-efficient solutions in order to contribute to a better environment both for our customers and the world we live in.



Fergin logo

Fergin Sverige AB has been selling luminaires since 1953. Fergin has exclusive sales in Sweden - representing the German companies Norka and Meyer. Fergin is a niche company offering services and quality fixtures in protection class from IP54 and higher. Luminaires resistant to chemicals , soot, dust, standing very high and very low temperatures, dry and wet plants among others. Floodlights, spot lights and vandal fittings is also a great part of the product range.



Hess logo

LHess AG's broad product diversity ensures the availability of the best lighting solution for every application, whether the illumination of outdoor public spaces, interior or exterior architectural lighting, etc. Hess invests a great deal in the development of energy-efficient lighting products, which has helped produce one of, if not, the most diverse ranges of efficient street lighting available on the market. This is a major reason why Hess is one of the first choices of cities and municipal governments planning the complete replacement or upgrading of existing lighting systems. The energy-efficient products employ precision-engineered optical systems with computer-designed reflectors, state-of-the-art light sources, such as LEDs, etc., providing the operator with superior economy and unparalleled lighting quality. Besides lighting, Hess manufactures street and site furnishings, making it one of the few manufacturers capable of providing architects and designers with the products for a consistent overall design.



Osram logo

OSRAM is one of the largest manufacturers of light sources and lighting systems in the world. We work with all kinds of light; from your home and car to cinemas and football stadiums. We push the technology forward – in our hands a vision and a semiconductor becomes a cool LED installation which surprises, inspires and touches people. We lead the development of energy saving products and work in a way which protects both man and the environment. The company also consists of TRAXON Technologies, a global leader in solid state lighting and light management systems, and Siteco, one of the leading manufacturers of technical indoor and outdoor lighting as well as customer specific lighting solutions.



Pqr logo

PQR Consult AB is a complete installation, design and consulting firm.
PQR was founded in 1984 and currently has five offices in four cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, and Uppsala. Our mission is to offer advanced and innovative consulting services in, but not limited to, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire deterrent, elevators, green building, solar energy, lighting and mechanical engineering. Our offices work together in many areas including terms of resources, expertise and technical assistance. PQR has access to hundreds of consultants that hold different spectrums of competence and expertise in various installation techniques to provide our customers with the latest tools and the best solutions.



Selux logo

Some call us a global enterprise. We call it a family business. Innovation from the Very Start

The Selux Group is a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications. Acting sustainably enables us to uphold high standards in energy efficiency, ergonomics and product design, which in turn give rise to our fascination for enhancing quality of life using sophisticated lighting concepts. Selux is a worldwide operation with 500 employees in Europe, North America and Australia.



Tyrens logo

Tyréns is one of Sweden's leading urban planning consultancies. We specialise in planning and infrastructure solutions that promote sustainable development. Founded in 1942, Tyréns is today a group with more than 1,000 employees, 20 offices nationwide and our partners in London, AKT II. Owned by a private foundation, Tyréns is a leader in research and development and works closely with universities and research institutes.



Tensta Konsthall

Tensta konsthall is a centre for contemporary art on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1998, the art centre has exhibited works by international artists which include: Wolfgang Tillmans, Julian Opie, On Kawara, Shirin Neshat, Susan Hiller, Tracey Moffat, Kutlug Ataman, Mark Wallinger Rainer Ganahl and Tris Vonna Michell. The Centre has also exhibited many leading Swedish artists such as: Elin Wikström, Ulf Rollof, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Magnus Wallin and Karl Holmqvist. The centre also produces works with artists such as the project 16304/ which was shown at the Venice Biennale 2007 and the New Museum in New York in 2008. The Centre has an ongoing educational wing that works both with schools developing programs of education for students in all grade levels. The centre also maintains pedagogical programs at high school and college level. Located in the suburb of Tensta, the centre attracts 12,000 visitors annually.


Tensta Konsthall (Tensta Centre of Contemporary Art)
Taxingegränd 10
163 64 Spånga